Glenhurst Drive

sat image

On May 10th 1973 I moved from 737 Sara Lane to 160 Glenhurst Drive. From 1973 to about 1989, this was home. What a great bunch of years! I was going to school at Shenandoah Elementary, 5th grade. I pretty much lived in my house the first year there. I think most of the kids in the neighborhood just knew of me as "Marc's brother"

Marc & John

Here's a couple of pictures of me and Marc from Sara Lane. I guess my mom was still picking out our clothes. What was she thinking! At least she let me comb my own hair!

John in back yard at sara lane

6th grade

Here's my 6th grade picture.

Time went by, I made it through Senaca Jr. High. I got my teeth straightened.

no braces

More time went by and I made it through High School. Graduating in 1980 from Penn Hills Senior High. I guess I still liked those big collar satin shirts, or mom was still picking out my clothes.

high school

high school

Somewhere along the way I ventured out of the house and met the guys in the neighborhood. Chris aka: Topher, Billy Toot, Andy Pampena, Carefree Andy Shields, Scotty Potty "what I do", Mike from New York, Daffy Jeff and Rob Hooper.

Buick 225

Here's Rob with his famous Mohawk Haircut.

Rob Hooper

Sometime in the early 1980's, I got a '73 Karmann Ghia with a semi-automatic for $350 bucks.



We would cruise all over Verona, Plum, and various points unknown, listening to Bob Dylan on the underdash cassette player with FM converter. It was a small car so Chris and Andy had to ride on the outside while cruising!

One of our favorite pastimes was to go off road, trail riding!
Trying to make it up this hill, my battery hold down didn't hold down and the battery terminal broke. A quick fix with a peice of a coat hanger did the trick. Gary and Chris held the wire while Andy, Scott and Bill twisted the car around.


Everyone else got cars too, lots of cars. And they were all great off road machines. Just throw a set of Gumbo Mudders on a Malibu and it'll be ready to roll.


I think this photo was taken the day Gary hit a rock with his oil pan.
"Run Gary, it's gonna blow"

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