What I did on my summer vacation
August 2007

I built shelves!

The garage was a mess. Lots of boxes on old rickety utility shelves. The workbench was covered with crap. Here's the before photos.

I first moved everything out of the way, exposing the wall.

I cut some 16"x16" 45° right triangles out of 3/8 plywood and screwed them to the wall.

Two 8 foot by 16 inch plywood panels were screwed onto the triangles, making 16 foot long shelves 16 inches deep. I cut out notches to recess the shelves into the wall studs.

There they are. Four nice sturdy shelves any handyman could be proud of.

Lastly, I moved all my crap back onto the shelves and it looks just like it did before.

I think it's time for a garage sale!

Well, after hiding and hanging a few things up in the rafters I can finally see the workbench.