Rebekah's 11th Birthday
Saturday, July 22, 2006

Rebekah wanted to go to Splash Lagoon for her birthday. It's an indoor waterpark in Erie. She brought her friend Miya along. Jeremiah and Michaeleana were there too. We ate dinner at the Boston's restaurant next to Splash Lagoon. Rebekah opened her gifts there. Jeremiah and Michaeleana also opened gifts for their June birthdays. I didn't take many pictures.

Here's the girls eating Dippin' Dots, the ice cream of the future!

Therese and I sat in the upper level viewing area while the kids played in the water. It's very hot, humid and chloriney.

My favorite thing at Splash Lagoon is the giant tiki bucket. About every five minutes, a loud horn blows, then the bucket tips over and dumps water all over the place. It's a real crowd pleaser.

The next day we went to a festival in Waterford, PA. There were reenactors from Fort Le Boeuf, arts and craft booths and a flea market. I picked up some new glasses for only $3 in the antique section.

Captain's log:
I camped out at Findley State Park in Ohio on my way to Rebekah's and it rained hard all night. Everything I had in the tent got soaked. I set up my tent in Therese's sun porch the next day to dry and she flipped out for no good reason. My "Passport to the National Parks" got wet and blurred out some of my ink stamps. I got Rebekah a ceiling fan for her bedroom and installed it on Monday (July 24th, 2006). I had to go in the attic and got itchy from the fiberglass insulation. I put some "Top 'n Bond" on Therese's front steps. I'm not too sure how well that turned out. Then I blew a lower radiator hose in my car just before my drive back to Michigan. I asked my brother for some car advice and he told my to keep my personal life out of it. Rebekah was a little worried when the steam was spurting from my radiator as the car was on the side of the road by the Erie zoo. I put on a new hose and made it home to Michigan in one piece by 1 a.m. Tuesday morning.

For no real reason, I took a picture of Mighty Flame at the filling station.