How To Make A Tire Into A Planter

First get an old tire. I used a P235/75R15, Tiger Paw made by Uni, Roy and Al.

Mark out a star pattern.

Start cutting. Mine still had air in it. The hissing was cool!

Compared to flipping it inside out, this part is easy

Start flipping it. The first fold over is the most difficult. Put your knee into it.

You really have to work at it.

Keep working, it still takes a lot of elbow grease.

Cuss and swear a lot.

G*%&s D@*^% tire! Bend you pi$$ing s$##@ h0!!L.

Almost done.


Stick it in your yard.

Paint it, fill it with dirt, plant some flowers in it.

It looks great next to a rusty old pickup!

Too bad I don't have a double wide!

Here it is with 200 lbs of dirt and a few Wave Petunias.

How nice!

Here are some other tire planters:

New Jersey

Dimondale, MI

Dimondale, MI

Please send me more pictures of other tire planters. I'll post them here.

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