Glenhurst Drive

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Here we are standing by the remains of Gary's car. Chris is holding the door handle. I think Gary was offered $75 bucks for the car, but hell, he took $50!

trail riding

Wow, Shorts were short back then. At least none of us ever had a mullet.

Here's Pete's Jeep. That's Jeff McKee behind the wheel. We called him "Daffy Jeff". Now he's some kind of engineer in Peoria. We had crazy nicknames for everybody. Except me, I didn't have a nickname. At least not one that anyone told me about!
pete's jeep

This is Andy Pampena's Chrysler LeBaron. It had fine Corinthian vinyl. We did a lot of cruising in this car. We'd often go way over to the North Hills and drive up and down the main drag, McKnight Road. It was like going to a whole nother country. One memorable night, we went to the North Hills drive in. The night involved girls, beer and vomit. I think we saw "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" but who knows for sure, it could have been something else. We really didn't watch it.


This is Chris's Opel GT. I don't remember riding around in it too much. I think it was in various states of repair most of the time. Once I rode in it when there was no passenger seat. That was fun!


This is Marc's 1969 Plymouth GTX. The speedometer went up to 180 or something. Once I saw the speedometer top 100mph on Saltsburg road. Good thing it had a nice set of traction bars.


This is Billy Toot in his Triumph Spitfire. Like the Opel, I don't remember riding around in it too much. You did have to be careful when riding in it. If you hung your arm out the window, you could scrape your knuckles on the road.


Here's Scotty in his Datsun B210. I wonder what they are looking at? Maybe Chris is up the telephone pole making an illegal phone call with the linesman phone.

Scotty's Datsun

This is my 1966 Rambler American. It had a posi-traction rear end. It was great for doing donuts in the snow. There was a big hole in the floor and whenever it would rain, we'd be six inches deep in water. Once the vaccuum powered wipers died and Chris had to hang out the passenger side window and move the wipers up and down for me so I could see out the windshield. He got kind of wet.


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